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Looking for a new orthodontist?  Want straighter teeth? Need braces? At our practice, our dentist/dentists specialize in orthodontics. Ortho for all ages. Our orthodontists are specialists in giving you the smile that you have always dreamed about. We use the latest orthodontic treatments. Book a consultation today!

Contact us to schedule an appointment if you are looking for a Miami Beach orthodontist or children’s dentist. Since our inception, we have been providing high-quality care for the community for several years. As evidenced by our patient reviews, parents trust us to provide quality dental care for their children.

You have a lot of reasons to smile when you live in Miami. There is the weather, culture, music, and people who make this place amazing like family and friends. We want you to feel confident whenever you smile, no matter what the reason. Our ortho does more than just remove teeth. We make smiles come alive and transform lives. We can help you achieve the smiles and lives you desire, no matter if you need traditional metal braces or ceramic braces. We also offer concierge-level services, which allow you to access early and late appointments with our orthodontists.

Our goal is to make your experience with healthcare providers the best. There is only one way to do that: working with the best dentists. Our team only hires highly qualified, experienced individuals. We hire people based on their orthodontics experience, with most of our team having 10+ years in the orthodontic industry. We have the most friendly team, people who truly care about their patients and will make sure that you get the best care possible.

We offer both children and adults the best options for straightening their teeth. By becoming a digital impressions clinic, we have made many improvements to the process and can offer solutions to accelerate your transformation.

Our passion is helping others have beautiful, straight smiles. To provide you with the best possible orthodontist experience, we’re always learning new things, such as implants.

You can feel at ease when you choose us to care for your child or yourself. Our dentists are experts in their fields, and they have been through rigorous education at the most prestigious programs in the country.

All of our patients receive exceptional, patient-centered care. We are here to help you with all your dental concerns.

We develop custom treatment plans for each patient, based on their smile goals.

Our goal is to make orthodontics more convenient. We use a digital scanner instead of traditional methods, and offer travel-free assessments via our virtual consultation.

Our team is honest and will do everything in our power to help each patient. We will be completely transparent and honest about all aspects of your treatment. We are proud of our reputation and treat our patients as a family every day.




What’s the difference between orthodontics and dentistry?

Orthodontists are specialists in aligning the teeth and jaws. Dentists can help patients achieve cleaner, more healthy smiles through cleanings, X-rays, and even surgery.

What’s the job of an orthodontist

Orthodontists correct problems with the way the upper and lower teeth are arranged, also known as the “bite”. Each patient is examined using X-rays and plaster models.

Are orthodontists dentists?

Orthodontists can be considered registered dentist specialists after completing three additional years of specialist university training in orthodontics. They hold a combined General Dental Degree and Specialist Orthodontic degree.



This practice is highly recommended. They gave me a beautiful smile and an incredible experience. His work is excellent and the dentists are very down-to-earth.

The best Orthodontist in Greater Miami. He is a highly skilled and knowledgeable Doctor and will give his best to each patient. His staff is friendly and professional and goes the extra mile. Every time we visit, my children and I feel at home. 10 Stars.

The best dentist I have ever visited. They are top-notch and so kind. It is a great choice for anyone with children or who has a fear of the dentist.

The best dentist I have ever seen in all of my 58 years. I nearly fell asleep while I had my tooth fixed. I have never enjoyed going to the dentist.